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Customer Reviews for William Shatner

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a great show in Marin

Paul Wilson from Richmond, California
18th May 2019

My wife and I saw William Shatner last evening at the Marin Center in San Rafael. Mr. Shatner was funny and interesting, and he took charge of the stage and the presentation, from the beginning to the end. He was full of energy -- he prowled back and forth across the stage, gesticulating, often laughing, occasionally shouting, and always engaging the audience, sometimes one person at a time and sometimes all together. Most amazingly, he has that unmistakable voice, loud and clear. He sounds like the Captain Kirk of 50 years ago. I wish he had spent more time on the questions that the audience had submitted, and I wish we had heard him interact more with the interviewer, but he seemed to have an unlimited number of great stories -- and he may have had the best idea of how to get everybody charged up and laughing from beginning to end. He got a long standing ovation when he walked out on stage, and he got another one when he walked off -- and both of them were well deserved.


Maria DiBello from Erie, PA
24th September 2018

I have been a fan of William Shatner for over 50 years. He was absolutely fantastic, especially considering his age, hard to believe he is 88. He was very charismatic, intelligent, sharp and witty! He is quite the inspiration to keeping very active throughout your life, and always be inquisitive about everything.

Shatner in 'Depends'

M Messersmith from Tampa, Florida
9th January 2024

Big fan of Star trek and Shatner's career. It was strange they aired The Wrath of Khan, as the 'opening act' and WS barely acknowledged it in his discussion. I wasn't expecting. Too much from a 92 yo but the energy the man had was impressive. The discussions of his life experiences were even more so. , Like other reviewers it was disappointing he didn't engage the audiences direct questions more but he was still fun to experience So much he even inspired my 70 yo self to appreciate life to the fullest like His own experiences show he does.The VIP,, back stage, performance,after the show,, costing another $50,, would probably disappoint most, because of the time spent in line waiting for him and a short and very staged interaction that was allowed. Just a hint, I pushed the envelope and got a satisfactory encounter. Don't expect a performance like maybe seeing Billy Crystal but if you'e a fan. It may be enjoyable for you. Live long and continue to prosper, Bill!

Disappointing audience behavior

Melanie Gilmore from Sarasota, Florida
12th November 2023

I waited 2 months to watch a Star Trek movie, and then another collage of William Shatner's career? Are you kidding me? I was never told this when I bought my ticket. My understanding that is was going to be a Q&A with the audience, not some guy dressed inappropriately , checking his watch every 5 minutes, asking the questions off of cards of what "he thought" Mr. Shatner should be asked. Then if that was not disappointing enough, there was a guy in my row that rudely interrupted Mr. Shatner while he was talking, and then Mr. Shatner had to tell him to not talk.....Where was the Van Wezel staff when this was going on?? I and another person, then got up and left the show..... SAVE your money...this was not worth the time or effort. And my apologies to Mr. Shatner for the rude guy's behavior in the audience!!

Beamed about a few too many times?

Rory Flaherty from Lewis Center, Ohio
8th March 2019

As another reviewer stated, it was nice, great in fact, to see him since i have watched him in so many things my entire life. But, overhearing statements from others after the show and my own personal feeling, he really didn't answer any questions (moderator was able to ask two submitted by audience members but could not keep Shatner on point) because he would go into long story telling about so many different things in his life. There was no connection either with anything he talked about and the movie, "The Wrath of Kahn", that we just screened and the way this was advertised led many to believe that is what this event was really about. Overall, rating it right in the middle because it was both thrilling to see him and disappointing that with all his storytelling, we didn't really leave feeling we gained anything new about his time playing Captain Kirk or even of William Shatner that we haven't already learned in previous writings or interviews. Live Long & Prosper, William Shatner!

Not worth it

Jake from Chicago, Illinois
12th March 2019

Enjoyed seeing the movie. Was really looking forward to seeing William Shatner. He talked nothing about star trek (or anything of real interest) he took a few questions from Mancow Mueller such as.. Do you like dogs or horses? Something about paintball..and a speeding ticket Overall very disappointing. I feel like he didn't really want to be there. Avoid seeing this if you are considering going.